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Heating Pad for Lower Back

Does your body discomfort and pain make you get away from daily work, such as exercise, walking, even doing some ordinary housework? Are you looking for a way to relieve pain? The moist heating pad is a must-have for you.



  • A 【Natural Moist Heat Therapy for Back Pain Relief】-This heating pad can provide you with the most penetrating hot therapy, relieve your muscle spasms, nervous tension, disc slippage, chronic pain. Maintain your body health.
  • B 【All-round body heating pad】-With the elaborate and adjustable velcro, the heating pad can wrap any part of your body, it can be used to relieve pain not only on your back, but also around neck, thigh, belly and so on.
  • C 【Durable fabric】-For longer service life of our heating pad, we use the reinforced velvet, you can reuse it many times without worrying about damage. It will be of extra value.
  • D 【Lower back support】-To provide enough support for the back, we use a streamlined design that most fits the back and fill it with a lot of flax seeds and clay beads. It can help relieve your back pain.
  • E 【Flax seeds and clay beads 】-We worked years to get this best combination for moist heat. The flax seeds will absorb and store moisture from the air and release it after the microwave heating. The clay beads will keep the microwave energy inside and provide heat therapy for longer time.
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Filling Millet,Flax Seeds
Outer Fabric 100% polyester
Size 23*8 inches
Weight 2.19 lb

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1150 S Milliken Ave. #1061 Ontario CA 91761