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Moist Heat Eye Compress

Aroma Season Moist Heat Eye Compress is a reusable and microwaveable hot compress mask used to relieve symptoms of Dry Eye, Styes, Meibomian Gland Dysfunction, Headache, Sinus, Pink Eye, Blepharitis, Puffy Eye, Crusty Eyelid Bumps and Migraine etc.



  • A Highly Recommended by optometrist- Moist heat is a very natural method to help improve eye health. An effective alternative to eye drops. Effectively relieves eye fatigue, helps with the treatment of dry eyes, blepharitis and MGD.
  • B 3D Design-With the unique 3D shape design, we can fill more flax seeds and clay bead into the eye mask, concerntrate the heat only to eye area for longer time. The special sharp curve will leave no any press to nose bridge.
  • C Flax seeds and clay beads -We worked years to get this best combination for moist heat. The flax seeds will help absorb and store moisture from the air and release it after the microwave heating. The clay beads will keep the microwave energy inside and provide heat therapy for longer time
  • D Breathable and comfortable-We use a soft natural cotton material for the parts touches eyes. The hot filling will fall down into your eye socket and fit perfectly to eyes, provide deep, pure moist heat to eyes. Not only smooth, soft and very comfortable to wear, but also breathable and gentle on your delicate facial skin.
  • E Easy to use with microwave-Just put the eye mask in a microwave for 20-60 seconds (do not overheat) , then enjoy the moist heat therapy.
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Model No. MHEW-2020
Material 100% dralon on eyes side; 100% polyester on the other side
Filling Flax seeds, clay beads
Size 7*2.5 inches
Weight 4.6 oz

Aroma Season Inc.
1150 S Milliken Ave. #1061 Ontario CA 91761