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Cordless Heating Pad

Aroma Season Cordless Menstrual Heating Pad, 3 Heating Modes Auto Shut Off Electric Portable Heating Pad for Relieve Cramps, Period Pain, Lower Back Pain



  • A 【Long battery life】A 7.4V 3000mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery is adopted for the heating pad, which can last over 6 hours after being fully charged. This is one of the biggest capacity batteries for the body heating pad, it can meet your heating requirements as much as possible.
  • B 【Temperature and Time Control】There are 3-class temperature settings for the electric heating pad. You can easily adjust the heating temperature by pressing the button on battery. It will stop heating automatically after 90 minutes without any operation for overheating protection.
  • C 【Rapid & Long-lasting heating】Our heating pad can quickly heat up in 15 seconds and last for over 6 hours to provide heat therapy. It helps to further relieve tension and soreness on your neck and shoulder, abdomen, lower back and so on.
  • D 【Flexible to fit all】This electric heating pad is designed with flexible fabric and Velcro closure,which can adjust to 43 inches to fit man or woman of all shapes and sizes. You can easily adjust tight or loose and create soothing compression with flexible fabric and velcro closure.
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Output 7.4V 1A
Input 8.4 V 1-2A
Dimension 43*7 in
Material 100% Polyester

Aroma Season Inc.
1150 S Milliken Ave. #1061 Ontario CA 91761